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As Founder and Chief Educational Officer, I welcome parents, teachers, and the community to Leaps and Bounds!! We are the solution to all of your tutoring needs. Our friendly professional and caring staff will help your students believe, achieve, and excel in academics. Look no further! You have found the perfect place for quality tutoring, flexible scheduling, awesome customer service, and proven results. Our passion is helping students and we are waiting to serve you and your family. Please let me know how Leaps and Bounds can support your student on the path to educational success. – Ms. Kim


Raise your student’s grade average and test scores

Allow your student to participate more in school

Put your student in academically challenging environments

Increase your student’s academic confidence

Help your student prepare for college entrance exams

Help your student achieve success in college


STAAR Preparation


Summer Classes

Beginning Reading



Reading Comprehension

Algebra I, II, and III

Math Skills

Chemistry, Physics & Biology

Writing & Grammar

College Level Courses


Diagnostic Testing

GT & AP Classes

Michael, Student

I like Reading & Math. I learned to read and write while here and I learned to count backwards. I also learned how to read small passages with understanding.

Mrs. Mitchell, Parent

My son has been attending reading tutorials only for a few weeks, but his attitude about reading has changed completely. He is more positive and has a brighter outlook on his reading abilities.

Chelsea Taylor, Student

Leaps and Bounds has been a true lifesaver for my children’s academic success. In addition to the improvement of their grades, I saw a boost in their self-confidence both in and outside of the classroom.

Nina Johnson, Parent

I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your service. Not only did you guys give him the confidence to pass the test, but he also was commended on both the reading and the math portion of the STARR test.

Take the LEAP Into Leaps and Bounds Tutorials!

1. Set Up A GOAL Meeting

Contact Leaps & Bounds to schedule your GOAL meeting.

During the GOAL Meeting, we will establish your learning baseline with diagnostic testing and then determine your educational goals.

It is a great way to discover where you are and where you need to be.

You will also have the opportunity to tour the learning center and meet with tutors and the Director.

2. Create your own LEARNING Schedule

We understand that attending tutorials to school/work schedule can be difficult.

Many students have felt the same way, however they found that Leaps and Bounds offers tutorial sessions at various times to help accommodate your busy schedule.

We work with you to create a learning schedule to work around your hectic life so that meeting your educational goals is not a hassle but a possibility.

3. Start TUTORING!

Now that your educational goals has been established and learning schedule set, you are ready to leap to success.

Each student will be provided a Bounder for Success to guide you with materials, worksheets, learning records, activities, and notes for each tutoring session.

The sooner you begin, the quicker you see results!



    Believe. Achieve. Excel.