Parent Resources

A Note to Parents

Parents tend to choose a tutor or facility based on reputation and word of referrals. It is important that the parent as well as the student feels comfortable at the facility and with the tutors.

As teachers, we know how to explain content, but we also understand what students need to feel in order to be successful learners. They must feel that their instructor cares about them and their success. A student must feel important and wanted.

Many tutoring centers are missing that vital piece. Leaps and Bounds has that quality, and demonstrates it very well. Parents say things like, “that other place felt so cold…institutionalized, not like this”. Our kids are comfortable and at ease with the staff, which in turns help the parents feel at ease.

Leaps and Bounds caters to its customers. Many companies lack the person to person touch that the staff at Leaps and Bounds is trained on. These are small actions that make a huge impact on our customers. They can’t quite put their hand on what makes the atmosphere so different, but it is the extreme personal attention given to each family.

A team member must acknowledge every customer’s presence within ten seconds of their entry, and greet the customer with a smile. Team members are required to answer the phone with a smile also. Return customers are called by name. Thank you notes and birthday cards are sent in the mail to recognize our students.

Every four weeks parents receive a face to face conference regarding their student’s progress. Administrators attend parent/teacher conferences at the student’s school as a support to the parent and the classroom teacher.

We call our students the night before major tests to wish students well and to let them know how much we believe in them. It makes the student feel great and the parents are blown away that the staff is so thoughtful. The staff is very involved with all aspects of the student’s progress.

We are a support system for the whole family. Our commitment to our students goes beyond tutoring. Parents view the staff as their partner in their student’s academic success. This sets Leaps and Bounds apart from its competitors.


We realize we are a compliment to your current education. We applaud you for taking the opportunity to invest to achieve your educational goals. That’s why we have developed quality tutoring with personalized service at an affordable cost.

Our LEAP-Pay provides you with the option of paying tuition weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Tuition is deducted automatically by the schedule set. Tutorials are paid for by bank draft with either credit or debit card on the date specified. This flexibility allows you to budget the cost of the tutorials.

Scholarship Program

In helping students recognize and develop their academic potential, Leaps and Bounds is happy to provide financial support for students in pursuit of their educational goals. The Bound for Success Scholarship is available to current and former Leaps & Bounds students who have demonstrated academic progress. The scholarship provides money to assist students with some of the costs related to attending college such as textbooks and materials.

Exclusively for current and former L&B students, the textbook scholarship is available to students planning to attend or currently enrolled at any U.S. community college or university. The total amount is $500/year in which the student receives $250 for the Fall semester and $250 for the Spring semester to apply towards the purchase of textbooks.

Student Success Stories

Michael, Student

I like Reading & Math. I learned to read and write while here and I learned to count backwards. I also learned how to read small passages with understanding.

Mrs. Mitchell, Parent

My son has been attending reading tutorials only for a few weeks, but his attitude about reading has changed completely. He is more positive and has a brighter outlook on his reading abilities.

Chelsea Taylor, Student

Leaps and Bounds has been a true lifesaver for my children’s academic success. In addition to the improvement of their grades, I saw a boost in their self-confidence both in and outside of the classroom.

Nina Johnson, Parent

I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your service. Not only did you guys give him the confidence to pass the test, but he also was commended on both the reading and the math portion of the STARR test.