The L&B Learning Process

We are an award-winning learning center for several reasons. But the most important factor to your educational success, is our learning process and highly qualified tutors.

Educational Technology

We are seeking to transform education through the power of technology. As your partner in your student’s education, is important that we integrate technology to advance student learning and cater to diverse learning styles. Leaps and Bounds have invested in providing the best educational technology tools and resources. From multimedia to web-based instruction to IPADS and computer labs, we connect your student to a new, fun, and exciting way of learning.

1. Tutoring Session Quality

Each student attends a 1 to 2 hour session with a certified teacher. We have a quality standard called our Leap Point for Successful Tutoring that ensures that every student will get the best result from each tutoring session.

2. Skills Mastery Checkpoint

While your student is here we also ensure they master every grade level expectation by completing the Skills Mastery Checkpoint.


3. Parent Progress Conference

Every student needs parent support, so we involve you in this process by inviting you to the Parent Progress Conference. This reassures you that your student is succeeding as planned. We also address any concerns or changes in your student program.


4. Documentation & Record

It is important to document and record your tutoring sessions. Tutors record notes to follow up and reassess your progress toward the learning objectives. It is our goal to be sure that each session is designed to maximize your results.

5. Director’s LEAP Review

The Director or Assistant Director also manages the progress of your learning by meeting with you to ensure you are on track and fulfilling the learning objectives. We also strive to recognize those students are making a LEAP in progress excelling to another grade level or exceeding goals.


6. Information Exchange

We strive to make a connection through our Information Exchange with your student’s classroom instructor. We want to be sure that what is taught here matches the teacher’s curriculum in the classroom.


7. Curriculum Recommendations

Our Managers ensure that the best curriculum decisions for your learning plan is made to support your educational growth and success.


8. L&B Report Card

Finally, we highlight student accomplishments when they make a LEAP in progress, grade level, or skills mastery.

Take the LEAP Into Leaps and Bounds Tutorials!

1. Set Up A GOAL Meeting

Contact Leaps & Bounds to schedule your GOAL meeting.

During the GOAL Meeting, we will establish your learning baseline with diagnostic testing and then determine your educational goals.

It is a great way to discover where you are and where you need to be.

You will also have the opportunity to tour the learning center and meet with tutors and the Director.

2. Create your own LEARNING Schedule

We understand that attending tutorials to school/work schedule can be difficult.

Many students have felt the same way, however they found that Leaps and Bounds offers tutorial sessions at various times to help accommodate your busy schedule.

We work with you to create a learning schedule to work around your hectic life so that meeting your educational goals is not a hassle but a possibility.

3. Start TUTORING!

Now that your educational goals has been established and learning schedule set, you are ready to leap to success.

Each student will be provided a Bounder for Success to guide you with materials, worksheets, learning records, activities, and notes for each tutoring session.

The sooner you begin, the quicker you see results!