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Our KEYS To Success

Leaps and Bounds Tutorial Center is an after-school tutorial service offering support to K-12 students in all subject areas. Our primary focus is to help students build self-confidence while increasing their academic skills. We assist students by supporting what is being taught in the classroom and providing one-on-one learning opportunities that enhances the student’s academic performance. Leaps and Bounds offers guided study sessions in testing strategies for grade level testing as well as college entrance exams. In addition to private tutoring, we hold specialty classes during the summer and peak testing times.

Leaps and Bounds will be the premiere tutoring service statewide. We believe in our students and in turn teach them to believe in themselves. Our dedicated teachers give students the skills needed to achieve their goals, and we applaud them as they excel. BELIEVE…ACHIEVE…EXCEL!

The mission of the staff and educators of Leaps and Bounds Tutorial Centers is to help students recognize and develop their academic potential while strengthening confidence in their own abilities.

A passion for children and learning sparked the start of Leaps and Bounds Tutorial Centers. Leaps and Bounds first began in May 2005. It started in a small space, about 1100 square feet, with three students. The need for tutoring in the area was so strong that within six months the company had expanded into a larger facility. Leaps and Bounds has continued to grow exponentially since its inception. We have found through our entrance survey that about 73% of our clients have been referred by a teacher, family member, or someone in the community.

Believe! Achieve! Excel! This is our philosophy at Leaps and Bounds Tutorial Centers. We believe in our students and in turn teach them to believe in themselves. With hard work and a positive attitude, out students not only achieve their goals but they surpass them and excel! The staff at Leaps and Bounds fosters students into becoming lifelong learners and problem solvers. We believe that every person is an individual and should receive individual attention with personal instruction suited to fit their needs. Our students deserve to receive quality instructions from trained professionals who care about their success. Excellent customer service is an action, not a thought. Consumers can feel, hear and see that they matter in our business. Superior customer service is an obligation, not an option, at Leaps and Bounds Tutorial Centers.

W.O.W. Factor of Performance:



Because our type of business depends on referrals and positive reviews, it is imperative that our customers have great experiences at Leaps and Bounds. In order to accomplish this goal we focus on building relationships with our customers. We go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. Customers can expect the same atmosphere, service, and overall attitude at both centers every time they interact with our staff.



Job expectations are clearly defined and each team member is held accountable for their responsibilities. Checks and balances have been set to insure all tasks are done according to protocol. Leaps and Bounds values its team members. We are very competitive with our wages compared to similar facilities. We hold monthly drawings for gift cards and a “Tutor of the Year” is awarded every May.



Our number one objective is to see our student’s succeeding. This might mean changing our teaching style or curriculum, altering a student’s schedule, even going to the student’s school to conference with their classroom teacher. We alter whatever is necessary for the betterment of the student.


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Believe. Achieve. Excel.